Can You Define Quality Management Training?

First, what is quality anyway? We use the word all the time, but actually its real meaning seems shrouded in ambiguity. We may say, for our purposes, that quality is the superiority of the finished product compared to other similar products in the product category. Quality can also be the adjective to define the usefulness of the finished product. Thus, when we say we have a quality product, we mean it is of superior value and is more useful than other products in the same product category.

An example of quality products would be DVDs  if you compare an original licensed DVD to a pirated product, often you will find that the pirated products are not as useful as original ones (meaning, when you play them, they have scratchy audio, and maybe the film seems dark and grainy.) Thus, an original DVD has superiority over a pirated DVD. So, an original DVD is a quality product while a pirated one does not.

One influential person in the discipline of Quality Management Training is Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Deming was a physicist and statistician who was highly valued in Japan for helping many Japanese realize that Quality Management involves perceiving the manufacturing process as a wholistic system. This is why the Japanese are renowned the world over for their very well-crafted electronic products and automobiles  they learned Quality Management and implemented it quite well, with astounding results.

The Japanese Quality Management Training philosophy is that management must work hand-in-glove with its employees (especially those on the manufacturing floor) so that they can join forces to produce a wholistic system that can consistently make quality products.

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