CBT On MCP 70-221: Designing A MS Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure

Getting a computer based training or CBT is an easy and affordable way to pass the MCP exam 70-221 (Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure).  The 70- 221 course covers many topics and is designed for individuals wishing to operate in medium to very large infrastructures and enterprises using the Microsoft Windows 2000 Network OS.  Candidates are also required to have a minimum of one year experience in the design of network infrastructures with support for users numbering a minimum of 500 in a minimum of 5 locations.  File and print, database, proxy server, firewall, dial-in server, and other network services including connecting to individual users via remote locations should also be part of the experience.

A CBT is probably one of the most affordable and an almost sure guarantee of getting and MCP certificate in 70-221.  A course review for Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure via CBT makes individuals learn via special training programs designed specifically for the 70-221 MCP course.  A CBT can be accessed online or can be bought on a CD.  The convenience of CBT makes studying for the 70- 221 exam a breeze for many individuals.

Some busy professionals rarely have time to go to classroom-type learning environments because of their hectic schedule.  But with MCP CBT, course 70-221 makes the individual take control of his time because he can access the review course for Designing a Microsoft Windows 200 Network Infrastructure anytime, anywhere and without the pressure of time.  He can literally take the course and study at his own pace until he feels that he is ready for the actual exam.


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