CCIE Certification in Demand as IT Job Market Heats Up

Senior networking and systems engineers, especially those who hold CCIE certifications with VOIP, are getting multiple job offers, something that hasn’t happened in the IT job market in the last two years, according to IT recruitment company SmartSource. The number of permanent, senior-level IT job openings has tripled in the last four months, SmartSource says. Other professionals in demand include .NET developers and Microsoft SharePoint experts.

If you’ve been waiting for an economic recovery to start your IT job search, now’s the time to pull the trigger.

Joe Iovinelli, CEO of IT recruitment company SmartSource, tells Channel Insider that demand for senior-level systems engineers and networking engineers has tripled in the last four months.

What’s more, candidates are getting multiple offers, and that hasn’t happened for the last two years, Iovinelli says. And while those offers are not any higher in terms of salaries—more like what they were two years ago—Iovinelli says he believes that may start to change.

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