CCIE Certification: The Real Deal

If you wanted to boost your IT professional career, taking the CCIE certification is one of the best ways to do so. The CCIE is also known as Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer and it is considered to be the highest form of accreditation being issued within the roster of Cisco certifications. Having a CCIE certification means you have all the knowledge covered when it comes to fully maximizing and utilizing the whole Cisco program.

Getting a CCIE certification is like getting the pot of gold at a rainbow s end. It is such a privilege which only a few are able to achieve. This is mainly because the certification itself involves an intensive procedure which demands dedicated preparation. Even experienced professionals who wanted to take the CCIE certification still find themselves in dire need of a CCIE preparation program to ensure their certification success. This remains to be the case although taking the CCIE certification requires no definite requirements before you become eligible to take it. The CCIE certification process itself will help you judge how capable you actually are to take it.

Moreover, the CCIE certification is not just one whole solid topic which is chopped up in the exam. The CCIE certification is actually composed of different versions which all have their very own subcategories. These versions are Routing and Switching (also dubbed as R&S), Service Provider (SP), Voice, Storage Networking, and Security. Regardless of which version is chosen for the individual s specialization, all CCIE certification exams require a written and a lab based exam which must both be passed upon taking.

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