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Taking on the role of a Cisco certified IT professional is rewarding and yet challenging at the same time. A wide variety of jobs await CCIE exam passers, which also depends on the candidate s expertise and experience. Two of the most popular CCIE jobs include working as a Network Administrator or as a Network Engineer on a certain company. Now, what makes one networking job different from the other?

A Network Administrator, who manages an organization s PCs or LAN network, has a lot of other job titles attached to it, such as Systems Administrator, Network Operations Analyst, Network Technician or an Information Systems Administrator. Job responsibilities of a Network Administrator include installing, configuring and maintaining PCs, network equipment and network operating systems. He or she must also deal with patching and locking down systems to make sure that only authorized personnel can enter and use the network. He or she must also diligent with strong analytical and interpersonal skills to work closely with users and troubleshoot problems under tense situations.

On the other hand, a Network Engineer is also often referred to as a Senior Network Administrator, Network Designer, Network Architect or Network Analyst. He or she is the one responsible in designing and managing the organization s LAN and WAN networks, which means this position is higher than a Network Administrator. Job responsibilities of a Network Engineer include deciding on which software applications and hardware equipment to meet an organization s IT needs, aside from managing the rolling out of new systems while ensuring that appropriate corrective measures are performed. A Network Engineer usually starts out as a Network Administrator and moves on to more specific roles in the future.

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