CCIE Plaque: The Coveted Badge of Honor

A CCIE plaque is given to successful passers of CCIE examinations.  It is an official recognition for being a certified internetworking expert.  Through the years, the design of the official CCIE plaque has changed but the essence of the award remains the same.  In fact, some believed that the CCIE certification exams have become more difficult.  That is why getting certified by Cisco and receiving a CCIE plaque are considered major milestone in the career of an IT professional.

The CCIE certification is provided by Cisco Systems Corporation.  It is the toughest credentialing examination on the IT industry today.  CCIE certified professionals are considered gurus of the IT industry.  They occupy critical positions in the IT environments of companies worldwide.  The salary and pay grades of IT experts holding CCIE certification is considered as the highest in the IT industry.

To clinch a CCIE certification, IT professionals must pass a two-stage examination.  The first is a written exam and the most difficult stage is the two-day lab exam.  The examinee is given the chance to take the lab exam 18 months after successfully passing the written exam.  If one fails on the first take of the lab exam, Cisco would allow the aspirant to try a second attempt.  If the examinee succeeds, the CCIE plaque will be sent to the registered address provided by the examinee.  If on the other hand the second attempt is a failure, Cisco would demand a retake of the written exam before taking further laboratory examinations.

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