CCIE Practical Studies: A Thousand-page Resource for IT Experts

The CCIE Practical Studies is a self-study book published by the Cisco Press. It is part of the recommended core materials needed by IT professionals preparing for the CCIE certification exams.  The CCIE Practical Studies offers a rich elaboration of the different hands-on techniques and methods for the CCIE network security exams.  The book offers two distinct benefits. First, CCIE Practical Studies prepares IT professionals who will take the two-day CCIE lab exam.  Second, the book is an excellent instruction material to understand the concepts and applications of network security and operations.  By studying the CCIE Practical Studies, IT professionals could learn how to pass CCIE exams and know the details of IT network deployment and security.

The 1000-page publication contains important and critical details about the intricacies of network and routing technologies.  It has comprehensive discussions on the different protocols and switching techniques being used by numerous network applications.  Readers will be guided on how to install, deploy, configure and troubleshoot different networking systems.  Issues and problems are also provided together with the corresponding techniques and methodologies of solving most Internetworking glitches.

Having the CCIE Practical Studies will thoroughly guide IT professionals on the steps to successfully pass CCIE lab exam.  This is made possible by the different simulation techniques that the reader could create. The network simulations conform to typical problems that will be presented during CCIE lab exam.  Securing a copy of CCIE Practical Studies is a must for IT professionals preparing for the CCIE lab examinations.

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