CCIE Practice is Key to CCIE Certification Success

The CCIE exam for certification is the highest form of Cisco accreditation. As such, only those who are known to be IT professionals with extensive knowledge as well as experience in Cisco programs are expected to take it. Nobody can ever say how much success rate they have when it comes to taking the CCIE certification program. Although there s not much requirements to be met prior to taking the said certification, the screening process which evaluates an individual prior to being certified is enough to trim down the aspirants.

CCIE practice is indeed key to becoming CCIE certified. This is because there are two different hurdles which must be overcome before a person gets the most coveted CCIE certification. CCIE practice also comes in two different ways: by means of undergoing CCIE practice exams and submitting oneself into CCIE labs for simulation procedures. These two different types of CCIE practice corresponds to the CCIE exam procedures itself.

The CCIE certification consists of two different types of exam. One exam is in written format which is presented as a multiple choice type of exam. This aims to gauge the expertise of the person in terms of technical and theoretical knowledge. However, operating the Cisco program is not just based on what the mind knows but what the IT professional is also actually capable of. This is why lab based exams are also being done prior to becoming CCIE certified. This two different exams are also the reasons why people submit themselves for into a boot camp program to gain the total CCIE practice.

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