CCIE Routing & Switching Exam: Requirements for Successfully Passing the CCIE Lab Exam

The CCIE routing & switching exam determines the technical capabilities of IT professionals in providing network solutions for different LAN and WAN environments.  It also tests the abilities of examinees in using different switching technologies existing in most IT environments and architectures.  Proficiency in Cisco systems routing and switches shows that the CCIE examinee has ample technical know-how in the deployment, management, and maintenance of Internetworking architectures.

The CCIE routing and switching lab exam is a laborious 8-hour hands-on session.  Examinees will be required to install and configure different and complicated network settings and deploy it on different local area or wide area networks.  During simulations, exam takers will be presented with numerous issues and network problems.  It is therefore important to know the intricacies of diagnosing network problems and applying solutions that could troubleshoot the given problems.  It is generally required that examinees should be able to work with different devices that exist in the network.  Knowledge of updated network hubs and technologies is also essential for this purpose.

There are no prerequisites for taking the lab exams aside from passing the written tests.  Examinees are given ample time to prepare for the CCIE routing and switching exams.  It is generally advised by Cisco that examinees should first get hands-on networking experience in order to grasp the concept and methods of network systems.  Trainings and virtual simulations are also essential preparation steps which could be very valuable during actual examinations.  These are critical measures which could ensure the success of examinees in taking the CCIE lab exam. 

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