CCIE Study Groups for Better Learning

Are you a CCIE list-member who is looking for a place where you can get together with other people to study in depth topics and literature all of which cover CCIE topics? Cisco provides its list members with study groups which operate in that matter.

Moderators are dispatched in each study group. These moderators take charge of their study group s activities for each meeting by making sure that each session proves to be fruitful for the members. They may opt to take the initiative to conduct a formal and structured teaching manner for the group, or they may allow members to conduct free-flowing discussions amongst themselves. You must first enroll to be able to participate in a study group. To enroll, go to  Edit Profile  and register for a study group in the same page. Once you have enrolled during the  open  enrollment dates, you will receive your user-account and details. Different groups set different periods for enrollment. There are groups who allow students to enroll at any time. There are also groups who only allow enrollment during pre-set dates. Enrollment policies depend on the groups  moderators.

Study groups labeled as  Closed  means that it is no longer possible for anyone to enroll in that group. To find out if a class is still accepting enrollees, you must check the message board first for the details. If a group is no longer accepting enrollees, one may however choose to audit the group. An auditing person may not post messages in the class, but can follow the group s discussions and read assigned materials on their own.

There are always new study groups being developed, so check the list often.

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