CCNA: Moving Up The Entry Level Position

Just recently Cisco had announced that are going to refurbish their networking certifications, generating a new entry level Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician or CCENT. This will give a wider opportunity in CCNA that includes new tools and technology that are not discussed.

These changes are meant to increase and expand the talent of worldwide networking. For several years CCNA has been an entry point in Cisco certifications. Cisco wanted to have a certification that will demonstrate the skills of IT professionals who just had their first job. This entry point according to Cisco needs to be expanded.
There are recent reports by the IDC that more or less 40% gap will occur between the supply and the demand in the technical skills within five years. The CCENT is projected to mend the gap as a springboard to CCNA. They have created CCENT to certify the skills required to install and confirm the basic switched and routed networks. Aside form that this can also give way new career in entry level technical support and help desks, at the same time getting them started in CCNA.

This will help the networking industry and opening up additional career paths for those who are anxious about CCNA. There are several challenges that Cisco is soon going to face. Technology will be broader and graduates looking for new career. Some say that lowering the barrier of entry level in networking will increase the growth of network-focused individuals than Microsoft centric people.
But job opportunities in troubleshooting global networks and software applications are continuously increasing. Networking provides a wide array of career advancement as we learn about business and how we can improve the industry.

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