CCNA Prep Your Complete Solution Before Exams

Even with all the self-help guides that have flooded the market (many of which claim to have a soaring rate of
helping students pass their CCNA exams), there are still many who do fail. Why is that?

One major reason is that they may lack the correct attitude towards CCNA exam preparation. Granted that the
CCNA is a hard certification to pass, the truth is that there are really quite a lot of people who do pass anyway.
The difference between those who pass and those who do not is the amount of preparation they put in before
the exams themselves – and preparation means being able to prep your complete solution to any possible
problems the CCNA exam creators present to you.

To prepare, go back over the official CCNA material given to you and then map out what your strengths and
your weaknesses out – one paper should list the former and another paper should list the latter. This helps you
identify where you should do a bit more preparation.

Look at the notes that you took down. If you have created notes to yourself in the margins of your CCNA
materials, that is great – if you can remember why you made those marginal notes, that is half the battle won

Try creating a mock exam for yourself. You do not need to know what the actual exam is like to do this,
because you should base the answers on the CCNA material itself. Make it as intriguing as you like. If you have
a study partner, ask him to make the mock exam for you while you create one for him. Having a study partner
aids exam preparation by a lot because it motivates you to finish what you started.

When you have finished covering the whole of the CCNA publications, do not attempt to go back over them.
Rest for awhile. If you have only a day left before the exams, do something relaxing. Pushing yourself will just
pressure you and never aids in exam passing anyway.

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