CCNP 2: Remote Access

The second stage of the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) training is all about remote access. This is the course description being offered by most institutions as building a wide area network is one of the required competencies of a CCNP. CCNP 2 introduces WAN applications as characterized by the proper implementation of Cisco router techniques. This training course also focuses on the selection of appropriate Cisco services and devices to build intranet remote access links. Other WAN technologies taught on CCNP 2 include broadband systems, frame relay configurations, virtual private networks (VPN), ISDN BRI and PRI as well as analog dialup setup. It also emphasizes the need to design, implement and troubleshoot common options for WAN connectivity.

At the completion of CCNP 2, participants are expected to have a broader knowledge of WAN technologies and other connections such as modems and asynchronous connections, broadband connections, and PPP and serial connections. Since CCNP is all about building medium-sized networks typical to home or small office markets, CCNP 2 also directs participants on how to implement VPNs, as well as WAN traffic optimization, back up and management. 

To check on more information about CCNP 2, candidates have the option to visit training web sites and other related links. Indeed, training will require most of a candidate s time and energy, not to mention valuable money that will be spent in attending such training courses. Come to think of it, it is all worth it as the end of the tunnel promises a brighter future for successful CCNP candidates. But then again, learning should not stop here because the ultimate goal of CCIE certification is just within your reach.

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