CCNP BCRAN means Building Cisco Remote Access Networks. It is a qualifying exam for students who want to get a CCNP certification. It is also one of the four required exams for the CCNP.

The focus of the exam is to assess the ability of the students in the use of WAN connection technologies for remote access among enterprise sites. It also wants to assess the capability to use techniques and other features to enhance WAN connections. A successful candidate shall then be certified as someone with skills to describe, configure and manage remote access solutions between enterprise sites.

The CCNP BCRAN exam has 60 to 70 questions, which consist of multiple choices, multiple answers, drags and drops, testlet and router simulation. It last for 75 to 90 minutes and the passing score is 790/Variable. How to Prepare? Over the past years, changes have been made in the CCNP BCRAN exam. Before it was a multiple-choice exam that needs lots of memorizations. But this has changed in the recent years to application of knowledge and skills. Because of these, a student has to prepare for the CCNP BCRAN exam in terms of simulation-based questions. These questions test the student in the application of skills and not just knowledge in the books. Building a learning strategy for the BCRAN exam is necessary.

There are different options for a student. These are taking a bootcamp, a training course, buying audiotapes. Or if budget would not allow such extras, working hard through self studying and building a home lab on which to practice. Whatever the ways, one sure thing is that passing BCRAN  exam shall take lots of concentration and dedication from the student.

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