CCNP Bootcamp Can Be A Worthwhile Experience

CCNP bootcamp is an intensive hands-on learning where students are trained in the concepts and research skills to be able to manage and configure Cisco routers and switchers in real day jobs. Its main purpose is not just to make the students pass the CCNP test but at the same time be able to function effectively in their future IT jobs.

Exhausting But Worth the Money

CCNP bootcamp usually last for a few days.  The students are taken into a hotel setting where they will work on their courses, eat and sleep. The arrangement is ideal because there are no interruption from others concerns. The main focus is to follow the scheduled plan for the duration of the stay.

The advantage of CCNP bootcamps is that they can provide a one-on-one instruction to students. At first, instructor will tell the students the outline of the whole exercise but the main outputs will be for the students to pass the four exams. If someone failed the exam, there is always time allotted to retake the exam. 

Lectures, demos, hands-on-laboratory and group sessions are held in between exams. In between exams we were exposed to a variety of learning methods, including lectures, demos, hands-on-labs, instructor-led study sessions, and student initiated group study sessions. Usually, bootcamps are really exhausting but the experience is worthwhile.  The focused and intense learning can earn a dedicated student a CCNP certificate in no time at all.

For other students, CCNP bootcamps might not be an effective way to learning and passing the CCNP certificate, preferring their own pace. But for others, CCNP boot camps can be quite a worthwhile learning experience.

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