CCNP CCDP: Which Offers Higher Salary? certification-exam-preparation-course-in-a-book-for-passing-the-cc
CCNP Cisco Certified Network Professional Certification Exam Preparation Course in a Book for Passing the CCNP Exam – The How To Pass on Your First Try 


CCNP and CCDP are two of the most famous professional Cisco certifications. CCNP is the Cisco Certified Network Professional while the CCDP is Cisco Certified Design Professional. So, what s the real big deal between the network professional and the design professional?

CCNP and CCDP seem to be almost similar in concept though their difficulty depends on the candidate s experience and knowledge. People interested to take any of these two know the technical differences between the two. What people really care about is the salary offerings if they would ever be certified with either any of CCNP and CCND. Which professional certification will make one earn more? CCNP or CCDP?

One very eminent proof of the big difference between CCNP and CCDP is the intensity of employer demand. When it comes to this, CCNP has a higher employer demand. In fact, a recent research have figured out that 420 listings are available for CCNP certified individuals while there are only 158 listings available for CCDP certified. Though the two professional Cisco certifications have almost the same theories, employer focuses more on CCNP.

However, a closer look to the job listings will show a different angle. Salaries offered for CCNP certified ranges from low to high. But, the CCND certified salaries are much higher than the CCNP. Though that is the case, the next problem of a CCND certified is the toughness of job hunting competition. With the few listings for CCND, how can he ever be hired?

It was also noted that employers are tightly looking for candidates that have real life experiences when it comes to Cisco networking. And since these employers know that CCNP certified individuals have undergone tougher exams, they ought to get these professionals rather than the CCND.

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