CCNP Labs: Essential Training Tools for CCNP Exam Preparation.

CCNP labs are essential training aids for those aspiring to get a Cisco certification.  The labs will serve as the practice environment of IT network professionals so that they can answer questions that will be asked during the CCNP exams.  Getting a hands-on experience on the different routing and switching techniques is important.  If the examinee is an actual network administrator, configuring and troubleshooting different network protocols issues would not be a problem.  However, for associates or junior IT technicians lacking in substantial internetworking experience, the CCNP labs would really enable them to tackle network issues and problems.

There are many vendors and consulting groups that provide a complete CCNP lab kit.  These CCNP lab kit can be purchased by aspiring CCNPs.  However, for those who want a temporary CCNP lab, there are training centers that offer hands-on CCNP lab simulations.  The trainee will be able to practice routing technologies using the hardware and network infrastructure of the training center.  This would be more cost efficient than actual purchase and build-up of mock CCNP labs.

The CCNP certification is given to network professionals who are skilled in managing networks over complex LAN and WAN.  These area networks should have at least 100 to 500 converged network nodes.  The CCNP exams test the technical abilities of the IT professional in building up these converged area networks.  It also tests technical abilities in complex network configuration and troubleshooting.  Through the CCNP labs, different routing techniques over IP configurations, VPN and QoS systems could be learned. 

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