Centric CRM: Leading the Open Source Service for Small Businesses

Centric CRM solution offers an open source customer relations management tool for small businesses.   It is a strong competitor in the open source market because of Centric’s powerful CRM application that features 75 new utilities for effective customer contact support. 

Centric CRM has developed a clean interface that will greatly ease navigation.  It uses a simple design for its on screen display and features a collapsible global tool bar option in order to maximize the work area of the application.  Centric CRM can also be used on all browser settings and applications.  And as an open source program, it can be deployed on all existing operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, among others.  Centric CRM therefore increases utility because it can perform on all known computer platforms.

Centric CRM also added a home page for its graphical user interface.  The home page will display calendars, pending contact support tickets, and manager action lists.  These utilities can help customer support specialists organize their work and make a systematic listing of current and pending jobs.

Centric CRM solution can also systematize customer contact list, profiling, and global customer preferences.  The information can be used effectively for any marketing plan or campaigns that will be launched by companies.  The contact list can also be integrated in almost all email client services thus increasing the potential for improved communication with customers.  All these functions could certainly help improve customer relations service. 

Perhaps the most useful utility that can be found in Centric CRM software is the systematization of sales leads.  Leads can be imported from other third party applications and integrated into the Centric CRM system.

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