Certification: Certified Information Systems Security Professional: Independence in Certification-gi

Unlike most Certification Examination, which is provided for and sold by most, if not all, Programming companies, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is widely known and established as an independent. It is also widely supported and approved by the Us Department of Defense (DOD) for both the Assurance Technical and Managerial categories. In fact, CISSP has already granted and given certifications to over 48,598 Information Security Professionals. These professionals all come from different countries, though a good majority of these have come from the United States of America. All in all, more than 120 countries have their professionals using or have used the Certification Examination of the CISSP. It is further given greater credibility when the National Security Agency (NSA) adopted the CISSP as a baseline for their program called ISSEP. In doing so, it not only launched CISSP into the world, but also showed the rest of world that it is indeed independent enough to be utilized as a baseline by an important agency of the US Government. CISSP certification is only valid upon three years, so any Information Security Programmer that has a CISSP needs to renew his CISSP every three years. Application of renewal of the CISSP requires the retaking and the passing of the Certification Examination demanded by the CISSP. There is although another way of avoiding the retaking of the Certification Examination, and that is by use of 120 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. A person can earn these credits when he starts taking in classes, conferences and seminars covered by the CBK. Teaching others and professional writing all in areas, again, also covered by the CBK.

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