Certification ITIL

Certification ITIL®

To empower yourself with the developing IT framework and to deliver superior results in your organization you need certification ITIL®, which helps you understand various concepts of IT Service based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Two independent bodies manage certification ITIL® namely, Examination Institute for Information Science (EXIN) and Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB), which organize and control the certification process. Theartofservice.com is a company dedicated to ITIL® Service Management Training and provides Certification in ITIL® recognized by EXIN.

You can register for certification ITIL® with The Art of Service. There are three courses offered for certification ITIL® namely, the Certified Foundation Course, the Certified Practitioners Course and the Certified Managers course. For an overview you can start with the ITIL® Foundation Certificate course, which is a basic three-day course. The ITIL® Practitioner Course is for 2-5 days and the IT Service Manager Certificate Course is a 12-day course. All these courses introduce you to better handling of service management in the IT sector.    

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