Certification of Desktop Support Technician

Microsoft has found that with the proliferation of many credentials in the Microsoft profession, it has become difficult to understand which credentials meet the needs of businesses.  In effect they have offered a new framework that makes it easy to distinguish candidates that meet the specific needs of business.  This certification tends to highlights the primary technology skills as well as the role of IT field class.

With the so many demands of consumers nowadays it becomes vital for an organization to always have at hand people who will handle the complaints and queries of customers.  With these demands, Microsoft has offered a certification credential for Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST). The certificate is obtained by taking an examination that will support an individual’s skills in support and trouble shoot desktop environments running under Microsoft environment system.

There are two core exams for one to pass the MCDST. It is expected that an MCDST must possess the following skills:

1.  Must have the ability to perform and troubleshoot
     installation or upgrade 2.  Must be knowledgeable in configuring and
    troubleshooting hardware.  This includes print,
    display, and I/O devices 3.  Must be updated un the management access to
     files, folders, and add-on software 4.  Must be able to configure the desktop and
     user environment 5.   Must be able to configure the set up and support
     Windows Firewall, security and privacy settings,
      and local policy 6.   Must be able to use Microsoft Update and
     Automatic Updates to keep system current 7.  Must be able to resolve network connectivity
     issues locally and remote 8.  Must be able to optimize the system performance

It pays to have a certified MCDST do your held desk or customer support, so hire one.

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