Certified Information Systems Security Prefessional Book: Featured Study Guide

The Book entitled the, CISSP: Study Guide, is a good book to be read when one is curious about the CISSP. It is also an important book to have as the CISSP is an essential demonstration of a Programmer’s ability in understanding the many and broad information Security issues. It is written by Carl Endorf, who tried to write the book in a way that a Security Professional would speak to another Security Professional. So understanding the contents and word usage of the book will not be a problem. Also, the author is an expert Technical Security Analyst and incident manager for one of the biggest Insurance and Banking companies situated in the United States, so it is expected that his views will more likely be felt and understood by his readers with the same understanding in terms of Information Security. This book is even expected to be a great source of information for any person curious enough to want a better understanding of how organizations, companies and corporations may be secured. It is also very much expected to make the readers understand the so-called Common Body of Knowledge adhered to by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) and the rest of the Information Security professionals. Having said the book’s value in terms of its essentiality in the successful passing of the CISSP, having the book does not ultimately lead to passing the Examination. The book can only help as much as it gives off the possible knowledge necessary to prepare for the test. Nor does the book claim to be endorsed or even sponsored by the ISC2. In general, it would greatly be a good thing to have in handy when one gears up for the Examinations.

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