Certified Information Systems Security Professional CBT: An In-house CD Tutorial

Most people are already tired of the usual act of going to tutorial classes after the end of each day’s work. Or the act of going into the Internet for the daily grind of Online Tutorial services. With the coming of the CISSP CBT, the learning and reviewing of the CISSP can now be done at a time when that person is available. In this case, available means what it means. Not the "available" that means that person had to rush first to meet his tutorial class. Rather, it’s the "available" that allows the person to open his newest CISSP review at his own time and convenience. He’d be free from the forcible time-constraints forced into the rest of the reviewing CISSP world. The CISSP CBT is a so-called in-house CD tutorial, which is programmed to work well with any computer to be found at homes. With its installation, the person can now study and review at any time he wished. A usual CISSP CBT CD contains these following features as part of its curriculum: 1. Introductions and the Overview of the Course 2. Methodologies and the Access Control 3. Security of the Telecommunications and Network 4. Practices in the field of Security Management 5. Systems Development 6. Cryptography 7. Security Architecture 8. Operations Security 9. Disaster Recovery Planning with Business Continuity 10. Laws, Regulations and some Investigations 11. Physical Security 12. Types of Attack There are also CD’s that have the aforementioned features as part of the embeded Training Course Topics. As anyone can see, the topics and different fields part of the CD’s curriculum is highly educational and essential in terms of importance and relevance towards Information Security. It is therefore a crucially important object for a person with aspirations of passing the CISSP to have.

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