Change Management Conclusion – The 3 P’s to a Successful Transition
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Driving conclusion as a result of change management is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to take into consideration that will lead to the eventual creation of conclusions that transpired during the change process. There are 3 Ps to take into account. These are the people, policies and processes. These key ingredients determine how change management can directly impact the organization.

(a) People
It is indeed given that this is the most important aspect of the change process. It is because people working on a certain project are considered the front liners, making decisions and plans to ensure success on every phase of the change process. Though it is hard at times to unlearn old behaviors and techniques, it is still a must to embrace changes happening in the organization to focus more on what can be contributed rather than resisting team efforts on what needs to be done.

(b) Policies
If we are talking about changes in an organization, this means that there are certain policies that need to be revisited to determine if these still apply to the new goals and objectives of the company. Though policies are governed by company rules and regulations, there are still some exceptions that should be taken into consideration to decide if these hinder the change process from successfully implemented.

(c) Processes
As mentioned, old habits are hard to break and so are old processes. But then again, with the introduction of advance tools and equipment, new processes can easily be carried out. Though there are some previous processes that should be kept, change is still inevitable as finding simpler means of doing work is still a top priority.


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