Change of Management as an Art.

In every aspect of life and in businesses, change prevails. 
Change is necessary in order to perform better than the
normal conduct.  In business organization, the need for
change is adequate so as to improve its delivery of
services not only to its clients but as well as managing the
organization.  Change should be aimed towards improving
the existing system and should be done continuously. 

Change in Management is increasing as technology is
rapidly growing and innovations continuously evolve.  
Organizational systems and processes proliferates which
enables every organization to make things faster and easier
access of knowing the needs of its clients and at same time
increased expectations of employees as well as organization

Change may be thought of as easy but it is not.  Change of
management cannot be done overtime.  Change management
is an art.  It requires skills for someone to implement change. 
Change in management maybe taken as a drastic move but
some take it positively as a means of improving the
organization state.  There are members within the
organization that are resistance to change.  When there
is a slow down in the ability of the organization to serve
or invest on a new initiative, the need for change must
occur and should be done immediately.

The art of change management is seen as broad process
and of which professional expertise is required once
change is introduced.  It is not a soft skill as it requires
subjective outcomes of seeing the quantifiable results of
change, in satisfying customers and fast delivery of the
action or service. Make room for change, as change
would not be thought of , if  there is no need to have one.

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