Cheating 101 – Creating Brain Dumps for MCP Certifications

Have you cheated on one of your major examinations during college? Maybe you are one of those students who have a copy of the possible answers to questions written on a piece of paper that you peek on during the exam proper. This is just one of the many ways that students have come up to have high scores during exams. But then again, this inappropriate behavior does not only happen behind classroom doors, but also during computer-based testing certifications (CBT).

Passing the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification is not very easy as it involves a lot of questions that may really blow your mind and burst your brain cells. Questions are highly technical, aside from the fact that the MCP exams require you to pay US $125. In addition, questions on MCP exams rarely change. A technique called brain dump was then devised to ease those blues away.

Brain dump works wonders to many exam takers. The idea is that the candidate will be memorizing all the possible questions that appeared during the exam proper. If he or she failed in passing the certification, the candidate will then write all the questions on a piece of paper and take time to research answers to some questions that he or she is unfamiliar of. Since the exam seldom changes, the candidate will not find it difficult to pass the exam anymore as all answers to questions were memorized. Unfortunately, there are some companies that encourage such behavior to exam takers, pushing large corporations such as Microsoft in securing the confidentiality of copyrighted information.


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