Choosing An ERP Package That Works For You

As many ERP trends emerge, it is very difficult to choose the right package that will work best with your organization. Choosing an ERP is not a whim that needs to be satisfied. With the many emerging trends and influx of ERP vendors, it is very easy to be dissuaded by new trends or functions that may appear attractive, but in the end will not work well for you.

What are the steps and points to consider? The first and most important thing is to address the most important functions in your organization. Let’s take an example of a Business Process Company which we will call Excel Business Solutions. Excel Business Solutions is a BPO that has several offices in different cities with a main Headquarters in a city which we will call Silicon City. The leaders of the organization want an ERP Package solution that will work well with its growing number of employees. They want an HR and Accounting ERP system that monitors the workforce attendance, headcount, accounting, IP telephony and infrastructure. It may sound very simple, so they call on different vendors. Before calling a vendor, they have a meeting regarding functions as well as features that they want on the package.

Let’s say they chose the following features. For attendance they have chosen a Biometrics way of logging in to the door which automatically generates an employees attendance for timekeeping and payroll. Logging in to the telephone will generate report for the Workforce Department and also for HR to monitor the number of working hours.

Using the above example, it gives us a picture that ERP package can be customized to tailor fit a company’s needs.

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