Choosing The Best Configuration Management Tool

Configuration management is a practical and effective system to control the changes that also includes the recording of changes that are made in firmware, hardware, software and documentation during the lifecycle system. This is a disciple of maintaining development of software products. It also gives fulfills the quality and eliminates delays.

Configuration management tools are very important to help you keep up computer system effectively distributed in your entire organization. This will deal with your staffs need for a dependable and useful computing tool. There are several configuration management tools that can be used. 

Here are list of tools that will help you:

* Subversion- one of the major goals of Subversion project is to create a version control system that can forcefully replace the CVS in the community. It is intended to surpass CVS that is why it has almost all the CVSs features. Subversion has directories and renames on files.

* Aegis- this is transaction- based software gives a framework where the developers can work on various changes in a program separately and independently. This tool organize and incorporates the changes back to the program source with less interruption.

* Bazaar-NG- is version control system that decreases the obstacles and other barriers to participate in your project. This tool is safe since there are no reports of data loss in the past 2 years. Bazaar is a perfect tool to carry out renaming file and directories. With this tool, merge you can merge effectively.

These are just three of numerous software tools that can help you improve your system and satisfy your clients needs. In choosing the best tool, it is imperative to know what features your company needs. That is why you need to research and check twice what tool your company requires you to have.


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