Choosing The Right Business Continuity Disaster Plan Recovery Template

Having the right business continuity and disaster recovery plan is an important tool for
any business in order for them to continue doing business before, during, and/or after a
disaster.  Any disaster, whether natural or man-made will naturally hinder a business’
operations and if it is not equipped with a business continuity and disaster plan recovery,
it may no longer be able to get up on its feet.

Creating a business continuity disaster plan recovery is an essential task in any business
because this will be the backbone of the organization’s operations in the unfortunate
event a disaster strikes.  And creating a business continuity disaster plan recovery is not
an easy process because it involves a lot of steps and tests before it can be finalized.  This
cannot be emphasized enough because there are still businesses that create a business
continuity disaster plan recovery even though some of their processes may already be
unworkable or obsolete.

There are, however templates available online which can help a business in planning for
business continuity and disaster recovery.  Because the preparation and planning can be a
long and tedious process, these templates can somehow speed things up because they
contain interactive, simple, and easy-to-follow steps that will help any organization in the
preparation and planning of their business continuity and disaster recovery.  It should be
noted that a comprehensive template that contains internationally recognized and certified
standard like the ISO17799 be considered in choosing the right template.  It should also
contain a checklist for maintenance and updates to make sure that an appropriate action is
ready for any emergency situation.


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