Choosing The Right CCNA Free Study Guides

Cisco Systems Inc. has come a long way since it was founded in 1984 by couple Len Bosack and Sandy
Lerner. Cisco Systems is a company that sells a device that forwards computed traffic between two of more
networks. It has been successful in selling multi-protocol routers. This success has paved its way to a rewarding
business in granting IT professional certifications for Cisco products to individuals. Cisco Career Certifications
comes in three levels: the Associate, the Professional, and the Expert.

There are two ways to acquire the Associate Certification (also called the Cisco Certified Network Associate
or the CCNA.) One is by passing two tests, the INTRO and ICND. The other is by passing one single test
called CCNA.  Because of the high demands of the networking profession, career-minded people do take up
the opportunity of taking and passing the licensure exam. This has even created another booming industry –
these are schools offering study guides that promise to prepare the student so he will pass the exams. Study
guides are available on-line.  However, some considerations must be taken into account when choosing schools
offering study guides.

Choose a study guide program that presents a complete package, meaning it has study guides as well as
practice exams. As a standard study guide material for CCNA, it must have binary math and sub-netting
mastery guides, special certification exam reports, and review and detailed practice about Cisco routers and
switches. The objective is to pass the CCNA certification exam, so it is therefore important to use a study guide
that is easy to understand.

It should also give practice exams to test your readiness to take the real exam and eventually be a licensed

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