Client Feedback

I took my test today and PASSED with a 75%!! Your course was a tremendous help in aiding me to pass the test. I will recommend your course to anyone who does not wish to pay a high price for attending a traditional instructor lead course. Your course is ever bit as accurate as the traditional classes. Artofservice ROCKS!!



Every now and then we receive client feedback that makes us blush from ear to ear. Here is feedback from a client that did the online Capacity Management training, which has a writen test at the end that gets marked with extensive feedback from our trainers:

"I just wanted to let you know that I received feedback on my assessment, and I found it extremely helpful. 

It gives me an idea on moving forward, and on what areas I need work and focus.  I also viewed the vodcasts that were recommended, and they were great! 

I think that you have done a wonderful job with these, and they are a wonderful means of getting useful information out there without being boring. 

I found the Capacity Management online course very beneficial, and will be moving on to the Security Management course.  Then, I plan on preparing for the Foundation Practitioners Certification utlizing your online material. 

Thanks again so much for providing easy-to-use and easily accessible educational materials."

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