Cloud Computing: The Next Era of Corporate Infrastructure

“Business drivers have changed,” noted Mike Donaldson, VP of Marketing, at Ping Identity in this post-show Q&A with Cloud Expo Chair Jeremy Geelan. And Donaldson believes “this has created a real demand for Cloud Computing.”
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Cloud Computing Journal: A very general question first, about Cloud Computing itself: Surely we’ve heard all of this before in various forms and guises – grid computing / utility computing, etc.? What is different this time – why is everyone so convinced it will now work?

Mike Donaldson: Business drivers have changed – almost every business has remote workers and workers who need access into the corporate network from a wide variety of mobile devices. This has created a real demand for Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing Journal: What are the three main factors driving CIOs toward the Cloud?

Donaldson: The three main factors are: 1. It’s speed of deployment 2. CIOs’ new needs for distributed architectures for a distributed world; and 3. Cloud’s flexibility to scale quickly with business change.

Cloud Computing Journal: And what are the three main barriers preventing some CIOs from moving some of the on-premise computing to the Cloud?

Donaldson: The three main barriers are: 1. Security, security, security! 2. IT’s comfort/knowledge level 3. Fear of change

Cloud Computing Journal: How does your own company’s offering/s assist CIOs and organizations/companies?

Donaldson: Ping Identity helps solve the Cloud security problem. We help secure user identities in the Cloud and facilitate centralizing user access to cloud resources.

Cloud Computing Journal: Are there other players in the Cloud ecosystem offering the same – or is your company unique? Why?

Donaldson: Ping Identity is unique in that we only focus on Cloud Single Sign-On solutions. We don’t have a “software or services” agenda. We work to bridge existing architectures to the Cloud and the future.

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