Why have a CMDB ?

Recently, I came across a customer site that was very proud of its implementation of Change and Configuration Management. They did however request our assistance in refining their processes in relation to the verification and auditing of the CMDB, since they were having some difficulties with consistency of data.

On further investigation it was discovered that the client had in fact implemented Change Management across their organization and setup localized Change Advisory Boards (to speed up the decision process) in all its local offices. This in turn created issues with no central control of updating of the CMDB. Although the change process seemed to be working perfectly well, there were occasions when the same CIs were being modified by different areas, which created the inconsistency (not to mention Incidents).

So a fairly straight forward solution was to introduce a centralized CAB that overlooked all the localized CABs and authorized changes to the CMDB. This in turn made the CMDB a reliable source of information on ALL CIs

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