CMM Level 1: When Process Inconsistency Is the Problem

The Capability Maturity Model or CMM, as it is popularly known, looks at the organization’s current processes with the goal of assessing whether it is capable of implementing particular new processes or whether it can be successful in going through a particular project using certain processes in a particular period of time. It is also a means by which the organization can identify the different areas in the organization which needs improvement. And although it originated from the software development point of view, the model can also be applied in many other areas in business, information technology and even human resources management.

Since this is a maturity model, it usually describes certain aspects of the organization all of which contributing to the assessment of the organization’s maturity. The CMM continuum also involves 5 levels of maturity. And as the company or the organization moves up, the model suggests that the organization also improves in efficiency and in having control over their processes.

Level 1 is the level at which the organization don’t have standard procedures and processes in place. People in the organization would tend to do as they see best. And every reaction to an occurrence can differ from one to the next.  So this presents a bit of chaos and disorganization in actions within the organization.  At this level, processes are inconsistent. As a result, the processes are not known to everybody. They also don’t understand most of the processes. This means that there is no coordination so planning and even budgeting is can go haywire. People can only either be overcommitted to these processes or they also drop them so easily. And so the end result would typically depend on the very few proactive people and not really through a coordinated effort.

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