CMM Level 2: Where Processes and Successes Start to Be Replicated

CMM or the Capability Maturity Model is basically a model used by companies for organizing, developing and improving the processes by which they go by in software development. The focus was on software development originally but it is now also applied on management, human resources and information technology as well.                        

The model introduces 5 stages of maturity levels of an organization. In every stage, the company is also at different level of documentation, set of processes and reactions elicited from the people. To complete a CMM implementation, the organization has to transform from the initial level to the optimizing level.

While the initial level is the stage where the organization’s processes are undocumented and unorganized, CMM Level 2 is the stage where the organization has began to document basic processes and techniques. It is now therefore capable of replicating its previous successes. Because these processes are documented, they can easily be repeated and applied to other tasks and also come up with the same results.

In this level, discipline in following established processes is not strictly adhered but there is at least a form of documentation so basic project management can be performed. Costs can be tracked and schedule can also be managed.  But at this stage, going over the budget and not meeting deadlines are still a possibility. It is, after all, the stage where the organization is only beginning to learn how to document established processes and techniques. They are not yet very well organized and their ability to document and apply best practices on similar situations still needs a lot of improvement.

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