CMM Quality Benchmark

Quality is one of the most important aspects that any process or machine should possess.  Although this must be attained this remains to be one of the most difficult attributes that process and machine makers are trying to achieve. More often, CMM users are particularly giving much attention about the quality of the CMM.

CMM quality is one of the most critical aspects that a lot of potential users are looking into.  Therefore, it is but very essential that CMM quality does not at any time suffer nor be jeopardized. 

So, how does one check on the quality of the CMM process that they are using?  Are there really specific parameters that one can use to determine the degree of quality being possessed by the CMM process being used?  If there are, who particularly design these quality measures? 

CMM quality is achieved when the user is able to satisfactorily perform the whole process under no circumstance that it yielded negative results on his end such as negative reaction or feedback.  CMM quality is when the process is able to achieve the goal and target of the organization under given circumstance of providing the correct input data on it.  CMM quality is best achieved when all processes have reached the “maturity” level that they have brought good products and results in the end. 

There are indeed so many parameters that are needed in order to achieve CMM quality, but achieving it is one thing that cannot be compromised.  The vital role that it plays is very essential in the total package of the CMM. 

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