CMM Recruitment Booms as the Model Gains Notice

The Capability Maturity Model is gaining notice not only in the software engineering industry but really also in the business world. As businesses are interested in achieving efficiency and productivity always, they are also always interested in improving their own processes. This is where CMM comes in. This model provides organizations with an evolutionary process by which it can implement their process improvement processes.

Although CMM has now expanded to the other business areas and to the other units of the organizations, computer systems and therefore software is inevitably a part of it. The companies implementing the model have to employ people who are knowledgeable in CMM. Companies would really need especially skilled professionals so that their CMM implementation will be successful.

They might need to hire someone from the planning stages to the transformation and to the everyday support people. This means opportunities for a lot of CMM professionals. As more and more companies decide to implement CMM, more CMM professionals would be needed too. CMM recruitment would definitely increase as CMM gains more popularity.

Even with the few criticisms faced by the model. Companies have still found the model helpful and they also continue to follow those who first implemented the model. It is up to the CMM professionals now to equip themselves to make them attractive to potential employers. CMM people would range from CMM programmers to CMM operators. Support would also be needed during the CMM implementation. And there might also be a need for CMM sales people as vendors begin to serve and assist companies who want to implement the model.


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