CMM Sales to go Up with CMM Implementation

The Capability Maturity Model gains more notice as more and more companies claim to be successful in their implementation.  CMM was introduced originally for the process improvement in software development. However, the model has also expanded to the other areas of the organization such as personnel management and information technology.

As the application for CMM expanded, the demand from business would naturally increase. That’s because businesses would see the model as something they could use for improving efficiency and productivity. Of course, such goals are seen to be achieved through process improvement.

As more organizations begin to notice this model, more companies would also decide to implement. However, the company would then need especially skilled personnel to implement such model. For one thing such model is dependent on the organizations IT systems. The company has the option to hire not just individual CMM people but to hire an entire team to consult with or to help them with the entire implementation. Also, they may decide to hire support from third party CMM providers.

With this demand, CMM companies would also need to hire people to handle their CMM sales. CMM sales personnel are also knowledgeable on CMM. They would be the ones to approach or meet with possible clients or companies who may want to hire their services for whatever part of the implementation process they need help in. If the companies they meet with are satisfied with their presentation, they might either be hired as consultants, implementers or support people.  Naturally as more companies decide to go into CMM implementation, opportunities would also increase for such CMM companies. CMM sales would also increase as CMM gets more implemented.

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