CMM vendors or providers: Types of service offered

CMM or the Capability Maturity Model is a method used by an organization to develop and improve specifically its software development process. This model includes a five-level movement path of progressively classified and methodically further established processes. CMM was initially developed and promoted by SEI (Software Engineering Institute), which is a federal-funded research and development centered supported by the U.S. Department of Defense. Moreover, CMM builds a framework for an incessant process improvement. Likewise, CMM has five identified d maturity levels, which are the Initial phase, Repeatable phase, Defined phase, Managed phase, and Optimized phase. Each level represents a distinctive stage of maturity of the organization’s software process.

Most CMM vendors and/or service providers recognize the usability and potential of CMM to any of its prospective users. Thus, apart from offering uses with several CMM product suite or packages, these vendors also provide some various types of servicing. These types of CMM service include training on CMM’s usability and further functions among prospective users, consultancy and software process assessment.

CMM training includes an extension scope of diverse topics, helping an organization in developing a complete skill set to efficiently carry out CMM model. Such training may begin from the general perspective of CMM to the specialized CMM levels. On the other hand, CMM consultancy functions to provide assistance and advices for an organization’s kick off CMM initiatives. Lastly, the software process appraisal involves both informal and formal assessments, which are carried out in concurrence with an SEI accredited company or organization.

Generally, the types of service by CMM vendor may vary with each individual vendor. Nevertheless, what is highly important is that organizations who carry out this model successfully achieve their both their organizational and business goals and objectives.

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