CMMI Assessment Key Indicators

CMMI or Capability Maturity Model Integration aims to improve the processes for a company. The main focus of the CMMI is to develop engineered solutions of business processes. CMMI is a derivative of CMM which were just models. They were integrated together to what is now known as the CMMI. This is mainly used by engineering development organizations because they need to be able to continuously deliver quality products to meet their customer’s expectations. As such, companies pay huge sums of money to have CMMI software. However, a company also needs to have an assessment whether a CMMI is needed for the company or if it is, is the CMMI the right one?

First look into the needs of the company. Is the company looking for ways to improve the processes by which they do business? How much is the company willing to pay in terms of expenses to attain this improvement? Once you have a clear idea as to what improvements are needed for the company, then that is the time when CMMI is planned and later on implemented.

Keep in mind though that the CMMI is a model, an ideal framework by which improvements can start. Therefore, the company must continuously seek ways to improve their business processes. Combining all the models and tailored fit according to the organizations needs, the organization can benefit from CMMI by the engineered business solutions and thus be able to obtain its goal. After all, the goal of CMMI is to improve how the business works.

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