CMMI Certification: Do You Really Need It?

A lot of employees with CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) certification are earning the big bucks. As such, many are attracted to get a CMMI Certification. But before you can actually start to enjoy the fruits of that certification, you will burn a lot of money in completing the certification. So now the question comes in "Do I really need CMMI Certification?"

To give a rough idea of how much it costs, CMMI certification costs up to a whopping $19,000. There are six modules, so each module would cost around $3,300. To understand how this works, let’s go back to the main principle behind the CMMI. CMMI is a framework for improvement for integrated processes and yes, an organization can benefit a lot from it if this is done correctly.

Companies are on the look out for people who can excel in all levels of the CMMI. Why not? It is a natural assumption that people who undergo the CMMI certification training can gain the following skills: the ability to balance gaining knowledge, improve ways of how an issue is perceived and make new contacts.

CMMI certification can help a lot in gaining IT related jobs or even jobs in the Business Processing but the cost is also high. Still, getting certifications is beneficial but only if the person practices what was learned during the course of training, co-relate it with his professional experience and gain more experience. It is not the CMMI certificate that really matters there but the ways by which the training or  certification was instrumental in the person’s career advancement and also how he was able to contribute in his organization’s process improvement.

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