CMMI Project: Keys to Success of CMMI Implementation

Companies can greatly benefit from the implementation of CMMI projects.  The CMMI or Capability Maturity Model Integration is a process management development approach which aims to improve the existing organizational process evaluation of companies.  A typical CMMI project is normally handled by senior level project manager so that its goals and objectives can be implemented across different areas and departments of the organization.  It means therefore that CMMI projects can be deployed enterprise-wide in order to re-calibrate the maturity levels and strength of the entire organization. 

However, it would be more efficient for companies to deploy CMMI projects on specific categories such as systems engineering, support, and risks management among others.  In fact, CMMI projects can be applied on many areas or organizational fields.  Such specialized and specific approach to CMMI projects can provide companies with enhanced focus on their process improvement initiatives.  This focus then can be leveraged to speed up the project and achieve more result in shorter periods.  After completing a sub-category CMMI project, project managers can step up their process improvement initiatives and proceed to deploy organizational process changes on other areas and fields of specialization.

The key to this staged approach of CMMI project implementation is the total support of top management.  Without this support, any CMMI initiatives will surely fail.  CMMI project initiatives involve complicated processes that affect corporate baselines and culture.  That is why management leadership is critical to its success.  With full management support, CMMI projects can be implemented easily on any organization.

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