CMMI Staged Representation: Providing a Window for CMMI Implementation

CMMI is basically built upon several business process areas.  These areas will determine the general outcome of implementation as well as the goals and purposes behind those processes.  Essentially, the process areas of CMMI exclude information about how products and services came about and what are the involved steps for each process.  That is why it is important to determine CMMI representations which can provide actual illustration of how the products and services have been produced.  The CMMI representations may be illustrated through a staged or continuous method.

Actually, there is not much difference whether a company will use CMMI staged or continues representation.  The results of optimization of the business process would still be the same.  However, the representations can clearly show how companies achieved process optimization.

Through CMMI staged representation, the following process features can be clearly shown:

First, the establishment of clear division of work in terms of leadership and implementation of the tasks in any process area can be shown.  This will reveal important fact about the endurance of the CMMI implementation.  A clear commitment of undertaking by the corporate leadership and a clear understanding in implementing the CMMI framework are important determinant of maintaining an optimized business process.

Second, the staged representation will also reveal the abilities of each component unit of the organization to perform assigned tasks.  This will generally show the entire implementation steps instituted by the enterprise for CMMI.

Finally, through staged representation, current work and projects can be clearly illustrated in order to show the actual performance of those involved in the CMMI implementation. 

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