Collins Model – Linking Leadership with Change Management

When changes in the organization is being talked about and considered, there should be a leader who will carefully evaluate all the pros and cons and guide the people in achieving what needs to be done. In a goal driven change process, there are certain qualities that a leader should possess to transform from being good to great, as cited by Jim Collins on one of his bestselling books. These five levels of leadership are the following:

(a) A keen understanding of “Zeitgeist”.
“Zeitgeist” is a German word that means “spirit of the times”. A great leader is knowledgeable, as a result of exposures to geo-political, organizational and industrial contexts. They should an acute understanding of all the issues surrounding his or her environment and act in such a way that it will be of value to many.

(b) Create a purpose
Leaders should have a sense of direction by finding out ways on how to effectively motivate his or her colleagues. One would be by communicating the company’s mission so they can pattern their values and behaviors with it.

(c) Defining stakeholders
Identifying and understanding stakeholders will result to a clear manifestation of support to their core objectives and outline these to the change process.

(d) Developing and executing tactics
Inviting the stakeholders to the change process will empower and engage them in reaching a consensual agreement.

(e) Guiding the process to fruition.
Strong leadership is necessary to focus on the objectives, provide support to subordinates and drive excellent results. Full time commitment is necessary for him or her to work hard in completing what is expected to move the business forward.

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