Come fly with me….

It’s taken some time now, but our carrier pigeon service is finally in the live environment.  The old email service has been retired(and now moved into retired services in our portfolio).  Staff have been using the service and overall, a positive reception.  So today, let’s look at the functions that support this service;


Service Desk

As the user’s first point of contact, this team has been fielding al sorts of incidents, eg: messages falling off pigeons leg.  Remembering that the aim of SD is to restore service asap – so one bright team member suggested that they stickytape the message… this workaround did the trick and messages were again being received (we will later discuss this example in Incident and Problem Mgt).  another user rang to ask how much feed their bird should get, and at the same time ordered more feed –a service request. 



Technical Management

These are the people who helped to design and build the service – Tim, our Pigeon Trainer is part of this team, and supports where necessary. On numerous occasions Tim has had to go to user’s desks to resolve user/pigeon conflict – via retraining (mostly the user).


IT Operations Management

Responsible for the day to day operations of the carrier pigeon service, these people would come form all the other functions including Technical Mgt – Tim would officially be part of this team – in the support mode.  This team would also be responsible for the offsite pigeon coop (Facilities Mgt)


Applications Management

Well…… hmmm…. As no applications were developed for this service, no comment here… sorry….


What is being realized with these functions is that this service requires a lot of support due to the unpredictable nature of these birds (and of the users who are trying to feed them their lunch scraps and are complaining that their service is slowing down… )



Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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