Completing the Certification by Passing the CCIE Voice Lab Exam

A Cisco VoIP specialist wouldn’t be complete without a CCIE Voice certification. He must have this certification in order to be considered an expert in his line of work. If he wants to earn higher then he must obtain the CCIE Voice certification. If he is confident of his skills he can do so by taking the CCIE exams.

Taking the test is not a joke. Not all examinees pass the CCIE examinations; and so many really make all the preparations in order to make the exam. The CCIE Voice exam has two parts. The first part is the CCIE Voice written exam. It s a must that the examinee would pass this first. And then he can now take the CCIE Voice lab exam.

The CCIE Voice lab exam is quite long. The examinee would be given 8 hours to answer a series of lab questions, all of which basically assessing some skill set that a Cisco VoIP professional should possess. He will be given basic network connectivity. But it is up to him to configure some pre-installed applications according to the question or the problem at hand. He must also know how to troubleshoot some parameters and basic features of the voice network.

The CCIE Voice lab exam is graded by trained expert proctors. It costs about $1,400 per attempt. That is why one should really prepare well not just for the CCIE written exam but for the CCIE Voice lab exam as well. Knowing things is theory is essential but knowing how to apply them in providing enterprises with Cisco voice solutions over an IP network is vital as well.

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