CompTIA Certifications  Living a Purpose-Driven IT Life

Why is there a need to get into certification programs? Why not just earn a degree and then look for a job that fits your area of expertise where you can apply all the things that you have learned in college? Come to think of it, there are a lot of qualified hopefuls who didnt pass certification exams and yet they are even more experienced in their chosen fields. Is it a matter of luck? Yes& perhaps.

Actually, certification programs such as the ones from CompTIA were put into place to verify a candidates knowledge on a certain field of expertise. This is because Information Technology (IT) is so vast that everyone has their own unique abilities that set them apart from the rest. Each has their own area of focus and concentration, making it even easier for companies to designate experts in manning different sections of business. Say for example, you are an employer and an applicant will come to you claiming that he is an expert on networking. But then, all you see on his resume is a bachelors degree in computer science. Does that automatically qualify him for the job? Maybe& however what is lacking in here is a proof of his networking abilities. It would be awkward and such a waste of time if you will have an on-the-spot test just to verify this. There goes the importance of certification programs.

But then again, the road to committing oneself to excellence does not end after getting a certification program. Since there are a lot of opportunities for IT professionals, passing a certification exam is just the icing on the cake. Work harder and everything will fall into place.

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