CompTIA Logo  The Bearer of a Lifelong Commitment to Excellence

A commitment to excellence, a symbol of dedication to best practices and quality service  this is what the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) logo represents. As most logos that you see on any business establishment, the CompTIA logo carries the organizations objectives and goals. It is the bearer of every members dedication to high standards that if someone will be seen wearing the CompTIA logo, he or she will be immediately identified as part of a large team of individuals, working together to exceed company expectations. The CompTIA logo is also recognized around the world, especially in the Information Technology (IT) field.

As a rule of thumb, only authorized users of CompTIA can use the logo. To be considered as an authorized user, an individual or company should at least qualify to one or more of these categories: (a) Corporate Members, (b) Authorized Service Centers, (c) Certified Individuals, (d) Learning Alliance Partners, (e) Authorized Quality Curriculum Partners and (f) Cornerstone Committee Members.

The CompTIA logo can be used in different marketing and promotional materials or any other legitimate business transactions. Displaying the CompTIA logo also means showing potential and recurring customers how competent and knowledgeable CompTIA technicians are. It is also being encouraged that all organizations that uses the CompTIA logo to help raise its profile and boost the image of CompTIA itself, therefore rotating and/or distorting the logo is a no-no. There are also some restrictions when it comes to using the CompTIA logo, such as incorporating it with other logos or symbols, your name or company name, or web site domain name. Indeed, the core values of CompTIA should be preserved and this should start through the proper use of its logo.

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