CompTIA Network+ Exam  An Inch Closer to CISCO Certifications

If you work closely with computers, then you should possess basic troubleshooting skills to work your way up to the corporate ladder. More so if you have knowledge about networking, which will definitely ensure you of a brighter future. This is because networking professionals are in demand nowadays; experts when it comes to installing and configuring network components while maintaining, anticipating possible threats and repairing certain network problems.

However, merely having adequate knowledge to work with computer networks is not enough to ensure you a slot in the networking field. You should pass one of any networking certification programs, though your hands-on experience will eventually become your number one strength to qualify. Candidates should fulfill certain requirements such as academic training and experience to make them eligible to take such exam. One of which is the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Network+ Certification.

Possing a CompTIA Network+ certification signifies your unparalleled skill as a network technician, which may also lead to your promotion as a Network/Security Administrator, IT Architect, or Security Analyst/Consultant. This certification may also serve as your bridge should you wish to pursue on taking Microsoft or CISCO certification exams in the future. The CompTIA Network+ exam consists of 85 questions that should be completed within 90 minutes. Your goal is to reach as high as 554 out of 900 to guarantee you of a passing mark. Indeed, the demand for networking professionals has increased through the years, and a CompTIA Network+ certification is one valuable credential that you can definitely be proud of.

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