CompTIA Server+ Certification  Analyzing Client-Server Relationships

In a computer network, one or more units can be designated as servers. A server computer performs services or tasks assigned by different client computers. Such duties include running certain applications with minimal human interaction. Examples of which are email servers, file servers and web servers.

There are also a group of IT professionals who focus their attention on client-server relationships and other server-related issues. The Computing Technology Industry Association or CompTIA is one of the accrediting institutions that give out certifications to qualified individuals who would like to pursue a career on server-specific operations. This CompTIA certification is also known as Server+. Exam passers for CompTIA Server+ can fulfill vacant slots for either of the following: Network System Engineer, Network System Administrator, Service Technician, or Service Support Technician.

As a requirement for CompTIA Server+, interested applicants should have at least 18 to 24 months of experience with the ISSA technology, also referred to as International Standard Server Architecture. In addition, a candidate should have technical knowledge with programs such as SCSI and RAID. Apart from these requirements, an individual with a CompTIA A+ certification may also consider taking up a CompTIA Server+ certification to develop the appropriate skill sets required for the job. For most candidates who have passed the CompTIA Server+ exam may target either a Cisco certification or a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification. As most MCP certification programs, an elective exam such as the one given by CompTIA may qualify as a requirement before taking up an exam for Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA).


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